Guide To Choose The Best Pigeon Net

Guide To Choose The Best Pigeon Net

What is a Pigeon Net?

There are societies giving out pigeon nets in balconies, terraces and other open spaces in houses and other buildings. Since pigeons defecate on structures they perch on, they are a nuisance that results in dirtying and staining of structures. A ‘pigeon net’ is a structure that is installed on a balcony, for example, and acts as a blockade to birds. Pigeon net is a peculiar sort of a net designed to help people in maintaining pigeons and other birds far from certain areas. 

A pigeon net is mainly used to prevent pigeons from roosting or roost on the places and surfaces which the people do not want them to. This way in a way ensures that the place remains clean and free from intruding birds and loud noises to the extent that people will not be bothered by such when they are on their balconies.

Most of these nets are manufactured using specific and robust material such as nylon, polyethylene or polypropylene materials which make them have a longer lifespan. This pigeon net must be made from wire mesh small enough to prevent the pigeons from roosting above but large enough to give a view through it, it should be roughly 32mm in size. 

Apart from defacing structures and spoiling anything they may come into contact with, pigeon droppings are also known to harbour certain diseases that are dangerous to human health. To sum up, it can be stated that if you want to save your home and do not want to clean the balcony very often you should use the pigeon net. Specifically, it should be crafted with sturdy components that can effectively withstand the heat of the sun and the outdoor weather. 

A pigeon net is effective when used because by covering the entire area you minimise the chances of pigeon infiltration and in the process keep the place clean. The net should also be easy to set up and take care of. It is also important that the net also offers easy control and administration of the relative systems because this is an important criterion that may need to be fulfilled depending on the case in a given environment.

Different Materials of Pigeon Net and Why to Choose Them

In the other instance if you want to keep pigeons away from your balconies and windows, choice of pigeon net is critical. There are two popular materials for pigeon nets: nylon/HK (High Knit) and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). Growing up, each material has its own advantages that is why they are suitable for distinct purposes. Let me explain about these materials and why they are ideal in making the pigeon nets, especially for any balcony and window you intend to protect.

Nylon Pigeon Net

1. Strength and Durability

Nonetheless, nylon pigeon nets are fairly stout and could endure for many years. Nylon material is strong and does not wear out as other materials like rubber that easily get damaged. This means nylon nets are suitable to use in areas with flocks of birds or during harsh weather conditions. It cannot be easily torn or broken, which means flexibility and sturdiness in the usage of pigeon net for balcony or pigeon net for windows.

2. UV Resistance

One important feature is that nylon nets are treated with special chemicals to withstand the effects of the sun and its rays. This is to mean they are not likely to be damaged soon since they are under the sun for long. This is especially important for nets used out of the indoor environments, for instance a pigeon net for balcony and window.

3. Flexibility

Nylon is elastic, which lets it be easily bent and altered to fit the size of the area it is to cover. It is possible to place the nylon nets on a big balcony or under a small window and the nets would not lose their function.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

As for the pigeon net, it can be made of nylon and comes in different colours and therefore you will be in a position to select that colour that suits the building. This aids in making the net invisible and effective at the same time without repelling birds while at the same time ensuring that birds do not flock around the structure.

Measure Your Place and Find the Perfect Size of Pigeon Net

The size of the pigeon net which is used should be properly chosen to ensure that it sat well and effectively keeps pigeons off. If you require a pigeon net, it could be for the balcony or windows, therefore, one must measure the area rightly. At Netskart, we understand this and so, we supply pigeon nets that are made in order to fit your needs. This is a step by step guide on how to measure Pigeon net and get the right size.

Simple Guide to How To Measure Your Area

Gather Your Tools

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Notepad and pen
  3. Ladder (depending on the area where the posters will be placed).

Measure the Balcony

  1. Measure the height: It is suggested that the placement of the designs begins from the floor and up to the ceiling of the balcony. Write down this measurement.
  2. Measure the width: Take width and record it in the width column Take width across the balcony from one side of the building to the other side. Note this measurement too.
  3. Measure the depth: If it is a railing your balcony must have then you should measure from the wall to the outermost part of the balcony.

Measure the Windows

  1. Measure the height: From the base of the window that sits on the floor (window sill) to the header which is located on the top of the frame. Write down this measurement.
  2. Measure the width: Using a tape measure, take a dimension in one direction by measuring from one edge of the window frame to the other edge. Note this measurement.

It is the simplest way to justify why accurate measurements are important in a study.

Proper measurements ensure that the pigeon net encloses the right areas where the pigeons may access to prevent them from entering. Using a locally available pigeon net for balcony or windows would be the best as it will leave your area free from birds without the need for cleaning.

Advantages of Purchasing Pigeon Nets that are Tailor Made

  1. Perfect Fit: Pigeon nets ordered in a precise size guarantee that the gaps conceived are inadequate to accommodate pigeons.
  2. Effective Protection: Well fitted nets offer higher degrees of protection to livestock from encroachment by birds.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: A well-fitted net is clean and coordinates well with your structure of the building.
  4. Easy Installation: Custom made nets can be applied in a much easier manner since they have been made with reference to your particular room.

To get the best pigeon net for balcony or windows, you need to follow these simple steps; Step – 1 Take the complete measurements of your place. Here at Netskart, we also provide pigeon nets in various sizes because we understand what our customer wants and needs; nothing can protect your space better than Netskart pigeon nets. The sizes will help you maintain your area free from pigeons and safe from falling and consistent cleaning. Place your orders with Netskart today and benefit from our pigeon nets that meet your needs and lose the birds.

Customised Pigeon Nets at Netskart

Pigeon Nets of a standard size are easily found available in the market but pigeon nets that are customised according to the shape and size of the place or area required are available at Netskart

At Netskart, we understand that everyone has a different requirement pertaining to the space he or she needs. And that is why you can order sized pigeon nets tailored to your requirements easily in our store. In the case you require a pigeon net for balcony, or pigeon net for window, whether tall, wide or long, we cater for all.

Example: For pigeon control to be effective you will require a pigeon net that covers the balcony size of 10 x 8 x 4 feet. The steps involved when creating an Exclusive window range from: Specifications: The size of the window, for instance, through measurements where a window size is 5 feet high and 4 feet wide, one can create a net of these dimensions.

Pigeon Net made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

1. Lightweight and Strong

The pigeon nets are made from High Density Polyethylene, these nets are very strong even though they are light in weight. HDPE is one of several types of plastic. It is a very strong material especially when weighed. This makes the HDPE nets perfect in preventing pigeons from accessing any part of the balcony or windows without necessarily increasing the weight on the structure.

2. Weather Resistance

Weather is not really an issue when it comes to pigeon nets since the HDPE pigeon nets are however very good with this. They do not swell and therefore do not rot or droop like some building materials are wont to do on the onset of rain. They are also UV resistant, which means they are protected from direct sun exposure, which results in them being damaged. This makes them a great choice for a pigeon net for balcony or pigeon net for windows because the material cannot be pulled through the bars.

3. Chemical Resistance

Some of the properties of HDPE include and can be manipulated include abilities to withstand many chemical solutions, this implies that cleaning solutions or pollutants cannot harm the pipes. Netting that is properly managed has a longer lifetime thus becomes effective.

4. Cost-Effective

Generally, the pigeon nets made of HDPE are often less costly as compared to the other types of nets. They give mediocre bird control which is much cheaper; therefore, if you are looking for the cheapest solution, then you are likely to consider them.

A resemblances and differences between nylon and HDPE pigeon nets

When deciding between nylon and HDPE pigeon nets, think about these points to choose the best one for you:When deciding between nylon and HDPE pigeon nets, think about these points to choose the best one for you:

Durability and Strength

The nylon nets are largely less susceptible to stress breaks and therefore ideal for the areas with numerous birds. HDPE nets are strong also but comparatively lighter, thus proper for lower uses only.

Weather Resistance

HDPE offers better protection from weather elements than the other material, but it is more resistant to water and chemicals. If hail, hurricanes or sulphur emissions from factories are a concern, then your best bet is to use HDPE.

Ease of Installation

Unlike metals that are rigid and can only be used in certain ways, nylon being flexible can easily fit in any complicated situation. Based on the study, the following are the strengths of HDPE. HDPE is light in weight and easy to carry. If you are interested in purchasing the pigeon net for balcony or windows, then the area you intend to install it is an important factor to consider.

Aesthetic Considerations

There are nylon nets and they are available in more colours which may be very vital if you are to ensure that the net fits the building perfectly to the point of being unnoticed. Generally, the colour of the nets is usually standard but the hdpe nets still look clean.


Another key point of low-cost HDPE pigeon nets is that they are more economical, which is beneficial for large-scale projects and lower budgets. Many people will attest that nylon nets are a little more expensive, but in the long run, there is a lot of value for your money.

Underlining the differences between nylon and HDPE you can select the proper pigeon net for your balcony or windows. The nylon nets are quite strong, and not easily torn, and are available in almost all the colours, which are ideal e.g. in areas where many birds are likely to flock most especially when used for several years. A major evidence of using HDPE nets is that it is protected from all forms of weather and chemicals, and is lighter as compared to other types of nets, and are more affordable.

In this way, the reader is equipped with essential knowledge about the characteristics of each type of material as well as the mechanism of each pigeon net in order to maintain the spaces pigeon-free so that they remain clean, safe, and comfortable. Regardless of the type, whether it is the nylon pigeon net or the HDPE pigeon net, these two options will assist you in making your balcony or any window area pigeon-free.

Why Choose Nylon Pigeon Nets?

  • Perfect for areas with lots of birds because they are strong.
  • Good for outdoor use as they resist sun damage.
  • Easy to install in different spaces due to flexibility.
  • Look nice with colour options to match surroundings.

Why Choose HDPE Pigeon Nets?

  • Lightweight and easy to handle and install.
  • Great for outdoor use as they resist weather conditions.
  • Resistant to chemicals, so they last longer.
  • Affordable and give good value for money.

How to Select the Best Avian Netting Configurations

One of the most important aspects to consider with pigeon nets is the mesh size to be sure that pigeons and other birds are excluded effectively. This is the aspect that defines the extent of the interconnections in the net; the closer the finishes are, the larger the mesh size. In regards to pigeon nets, there are nets for a balcony and nets against pigeons for other areas, and a smaller mesh size will do a better job in both cases. Here, described are the methods on how to select the right mesh size that perfectly suits your needs.

Understanding Mesh Size

Mesh size is in millimetres (mm) which relates to the interval between two stringy loops or wires of the net. There is always a common mesh that is presumably appropriate for a pigeon net, or an anti-pigeon net, and this varies from 19mm to 25mm. This size is small enough to exclude pigeons and other birds from the crevices but is large enough would allow air and light to penetrate through it.

Advantages of the Appropriate Mesh Number

Effective Bird Control: This will help filter and successfully keep pigeons and other birds away from causing mess and having to damage your building.

Airflow and Light: Proper size of the mesh is employed to avoid constriction of air and light, thereby keeping the room well ventilated and full of light.

Durability: Realistic nets’ densities are long-lasting with suitable mesh sizes for preventing pest influx, offering long-term protection.

Pigeon control through pigeon nets or anti-pigeon nets requires picking the right mesh size to protect your property against bird invasions. Pigeon nets for balconies and windows come with the standard mesh sizes of 19mm and 25mm as preferred and 25mm pigeon control nets are the most suitable. 

At Netskart, we provide Pigeon Net of your desired size and additionally guarantee you the perfect definition of pigeon proofing the particular area. Choosing the right size of a mesh is important whenever you are looking for a bird net for your balcony, windows or your garden to ensure that your area is as clean as possible and your birds remain completely safe. Ring Netskart now to order your pigeon net of your own unique mesh size right now.

Choosing the Right Mesh Size

For Balconies:

The choice of mesh size for pigeon net for balcony largely depends on the intended use as well as the specific pigeon species; however, a 25mm mesh size should suffice well in most instances. While blocking pigeons from perching on it, it allows for the inlet of fresh air and direct sunlight to illuminate the car. If these are many small birds within the balcony, it is advisable to use a 19mm mesh size to keep these birds out.

For Windows:

A mesh size of 25mm is also recommended on windows, although the preferred size may depend on the specific room in a house. They keep pigeons away without obstructing the view to the outside environment. For areas with high bird activity level, it might require the 19mm mesh size as more birds may be able to pass through it.

For Gardens and Open Spaces:

Special fabrics for birds’ exclusion (as an anti-bird net) should be as follows: 19 mm in case you are protecting gardens or open spaces where it is required to scare off a variety of bird species. It will exclude most birds but at the same time, your plants should get access to the sun and occasional rain.

Standard Mesh Sizes

19mm Mesh Size: This is a very fine mesh mainly used as an anti bird net. It excludes not only small birds but also pigeons. This size is suitable for places with many birds.

25mm Mesh Size: This is the most popular mesh size used in pigeon nets. It effectively keeps pigeons off the wall and at the same time lets air and light in. This size is suitable to be used in pigeon nets for balconies and windows.

Key Points to Remember:

Material Choice:

  1. Nylon Pigeon Nets: Some of the nylon nets are very strong and also very durable and they can also resist the rays from the sun. All of them can be deployed and are available in several colours, thus suitable for deployment in regions with many birds and harsh weather. It looks nice and powerful enough to act as a pigeon net for the balcony and pigeon net for the window effectively.
  2. HDPE Pigeon Nets: LDPE nets are softer and thinner but still very tough and lightweight while HDPE it is robust and a little heavier than LDPE nets. It is excellent in withstanding weather and is cheaper than nets made of nylon. They do not swell in water and are non-hygroscopic; they do not decay due to chemicals and are long lasting, thus they give good protection in terms of anti-pigeon net.

Mesh Size Selection:

  1. Standard Mesh Sizes: It can be very fine and normally are 19mm and 25mm. 19mm has a small aperture that minimises the entrance of small birds and pigeons and is generally fine. The most popular mesh size is 25mm since it secures any area against pigeons while also permitting light and air.
  2. Application: The recommended mesh size for balconies are 25mm, although 19mm may also be used in a home where there are many small birds. A 25mm mesh size works well for the windows and for gardens or other open spaces to prevent any types of birds as anti-bird net, a 19mm mesh size will also do the job.

Customised Solutions at Netskart:

If you require pigeon nets, get in touch with Netskart that offers individual pigeon nets as per your required dimensions. Do you require a pigeon control net for the balcony or pigeon net for the window or want an effective anti-bird netting system for any area? Our team will ensure birds cannot enter the space.

Our nets are too designed to fit the specific dimension and shape of your building in order to give maximum protection due to close fit, are easy to install, and don’t come with any unsightly appearance.


It is, therefore, very crucial, to ensure that only the right pigeon net is selected when getting a pigeon barrier to help clear your balconies, windows, or other open areas of pigeons or other birds. If you become aware of the various materials and mesh sizes that are available in the market, then you can come up with a right one that will effectively help in repelling the birds in your field and will also have a long durability.

If you want to make the pigeon net perfect for your place choose the right material for making and the right net size so you can have a clean and bird free place. Measurement and selection of nets are precise; in fact, nets are carefully cut to match the specific space offered hence providing the best cover against pests. Call Netskart now for your personalised pigeon net, be it balcony, or window pigeon or any other, and bid adieu to pigeons.

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