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Shade net are covers used to protect plants, people, and places from too much sunlight and bad weather. They are handy in gardens, farms, and even areas where people gather for outdoor activities. Farmers use these net to ensure their plants get just the right amount of sunlight they need, for farmers, It is critical because they help keep the plants safe from the scorching sun. This allows the plants to grow better and healthier without getting burnt by the sun or damaged by too much heat.

It is not just for plants, people use them too in their homes to make outdoor areas like gardens, patios, balconies, roofs, parking courtyards, etc., more relaxed and more comfortable, which means that families enjoy their time outside without feeling too hot or bothered by the bright sun. This net make places like parking lots or sports areas protect the cars and people from the sun, making these places more relaxed and pleasant, especially during hot days. They are made of green colors. Shade net come in different percentages of shade. Some can block a lot of sunlight, while others let a little more light through, depending on what is needed.

It is a good choice for many people, from farmers who need to protect their crops to families who want to improve their outdoor spaces. They are not very expensive and last a long time. They are easy to set up and can be used in many ways. In short, shade net can make your outdoor spaces look better while protecting against the sun; they are simple, affordable, and can be used in many different locations.

Different Types of Shade Net

Two main types of Shade net are Mono Shade Net and Green Shade Net, often called Green Net. These net help plants grow better and keep outdoor spaces comfortable. Shade net, or agro net, are unique covers used in agriculture and gardening to protect plants from too much sun and other environmental factors.

Mono Shade Net

Mono-shade Net are made from a strong plastic called polythene, which makes them very durable and rugged. They are great for extensive areas like farms or places where you need a solid net to cover and protect large spaces, such as animal areas or extensive gardens. This type of net is called a mono-cargo net because it is made using a single type of solid thread.

Mono net are perfect for handling different weather conditions like rain, sun, and wind without breaking. They let the right amount of light and air through, which helps plants grow well by getting the right balance of sunlight and shade. This allows them not to get burned by the sun or wilt from too much heat.

Green Shade Net

The Green shade net, or simply green net, are used mainly in smaller gardens, nurseries where young plants are grown, and places where people enjoy outside, like parks. This green net helps spread sunlight eventually and keeps the area under it cooler, which is perfect for plants that do not need too much direct sunlight. It is also known as argo-net. It also protects plants from pests and stormy weather and helps them stay healthy and grow better. It also helps keep the soil moist by reducing how much water evaporates, so you don’t have to water the plants as often. This type of net is perfect for ensuring that plants have a stable environment in which to grow.

Both types of net, Mono Shade Net, and Green Shade Net are also lovely to look at as they blend in with nature, which makes them very popular choices for people who want to make their gardens or public spaces look good while protecting their plants from extensive sunlight too. These net are also easy to set up and can fit in different shapes and sizes, making them more flexible for other uses. Also, they reduce the need to use a lot of water and chemicals on plants, which is good for the environment. Using these net is smart because they save money in the long run and protect your plants.

In summary, the Mono Shade Net and Green Shade Net benefit everyone, including anyone who wants to grow healthy plants and create comfortable outdoor spaces. As technology improves daily, these net are becoming even more effective and helpful for all kinds of plant and outdoor space protection. They are also essential tools for agriculture and gardening, as these are agro-net because they protect plants, save resources, and even make outdoor areas more enjoyable and attractive.

Different Percentage of Shade Net and its application

These Net come in different percentages to provide varying levels of sunlight blockage, catering to specific needs in agriculture and gardening. These percentages are typically 50%,75%, and 90%, indicating how much sunlight the net can block. 

Application of Shade Net

Shade net are handy for managing sunlight and extreme heat in different places, and they are like giant umbrellas for spaces to protect from extreme sunlight. These net are helpful in many areas, like rooftops, parking areas, courtyards, balconies, and gardens. Let’s explore how shade net can be beneficial in each of these places: 

Kitchen Garden or Terrace Garden: Shade net can help control how much sunlight the plants get. People who love gardening often use small spaces like a kitchen or terrace garden to grow plants, as different plants need different amounts of sunlight. The net also keep birds away from pecking at the plants. This helps the plants grow better and protects them from too much sun, wind, or rain.

Parking Area Covering: A shade net over the parking area can protect cars from the sun’s harmful rays and keep them more relaxed, which is nice when you return to your vehicle on a hot day. Parking lots are usually open areas where cars are parked and left under the sun. This can damage the car’s paint and make the inside very hot.

Balconies: A shade net can block some of the sun’s heat, making your balcony cooler and more comfortable to sit on. Balconies are small outdoor areas in apartments where people like to relax and enjoy some fresh air. However, too much sun can make balconies hot and uncomfortable. A shade net also protects your skin and keeps your outdoor furniture from fading because of the sun.

Courtyard: A shade net can cover the courtyard, making it more relaxed and comfortable to use at any time of the day. The net allows light and air to come through while blocking out the harsh sun. Courtyards are great for gatherings or for kids to play in, but they can be too hot to enjoy when the sun is powerful. Courtyards are open areas found in homes, schools, or offices.

Rooftop Covering: It helps keep the rooftop cool by blocking out some of the sun’s heat. With these net, the rooftops can be turned into lovely gardens, places to play, or spots to relax and enjoy the view. This also helps keep the whole building cooler, saving money on air conditioning. Many buildings have rooftops that are used sparingly.

Nurseries: Young plants are very delicate and need protection from too much sun. Nurseries are places where small plants are grown until they are big enough to be planted elsewhere. The net also keep the plants safe from insects and rough weather. This net in nurseries help create the perfect environment for these young plants to grow strong and healthy.

Whether for your home, a school, or a commercial area, these net are an affordable and effective way to make spaces more comfortable and valuable and protect them from sunlight. They are accommodating in safeguarding places from too much sunlight, keeping them more relaxed. This is good for people, cars, and plants, using these net, you can also save money by reducing the need for air conditioning and by helping plants grow well so you don’t have to replace them, our net are very handy and can be used in many different ways.

Why Choose Netskart To Buy Shade Net Online?

Netskart is an excellent place to buy shade net online. Choosing where to buy shade net online is essential because you want to get a good quality net that works well and lasts a long time, and here is why: 

Variety of Choices

You can find Mono Shade Net, Green Shade Net, and net that block different amounts of sunlight, such as 50%,75%, and 90%. This means you can choose exactly what you need for your garden or farm. Netskart has many different type of net that provide shade.

Good Quality

Netskart builds shade net that can withstand rain, sun, and wind, so they do a really good job of protecting your plants. These net from Netskart are made from strong materials that last a long time.

Fair Prices

Netskart also sometimes offers special deals and discounts, which can help you save money. We offer good prices on our net, making them affordable.

Quick Delivery

Netskart works with reliable delivery companies to ensure that your shade net arrives on time and in good condition. After you order a net from Netskart, we ensure that it gets to you quickly.

Helpful Advice

Netskart has experts who know a lot about shade net and can advise you on which one is best for your needs. If you need help deciding which net to buy, Netkart can help you.

Easy to Buy

Netskart’s website is simple, so you can find and buy what you need without trouble. We also ensure that your information is safe when you buy something, which is very important. Buying shade net from NetsKart is easy and secure.

Happy Customers

Many Netskart customers like the quality of the net, the quicker delivery, and the helpful customer service. People who buy from Netskart usually have good things to say about their experience.

In short, Netskart is a great choice for buying it as we provide helpful advice and quicker delivery. We also offer a wider range of good-quality products at fair prices, making the whole process easier and more satisfying.


In conclusion, Netskart has different types of shade, like the Mono and the Green , also called agro-net or green net. These shade net are instrumental covers that help protect the plants from extreme sunlight and keep gardens cool; these net are essential for maintaining healthy plants, saving water, and ensuring gardens and farms are good places for plants to grow. People also use them in places like parks and sports to make these places more relaxed and more comfortable; they also help younger plants in nurseries grow well by protecting them from extreme sunlight and keeping the soil moist, these net are used in many ways.

NetsKart offers a variety of high-quality shade net, including Mono and Green Shade Net. They sell these net at reasonable prices and give great advice on which net to choose according to your needs; they also deliver the net quicker, so you can get them quickly. Choosing the right place to buy these is essential, and NetsKart is an excellent choice. Whether caring for a big farm or a small garden, shade net from NetsKart are a wise choice to keep your plants healthy and protected. Buying it from NetsKart can help gardeners and farmers take good care of their growing plants. Using these net makes outdoor areas look better and helps plants grow. 


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