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Welcome To Our Collections Of Spike For Keeping Away Monkeys And Birds

Are you looking for a safe way to stop monkeys and birds from entering places they should not be? You have come to the right spot! Whether you live near many trees where monkeys like to visit or need help with birds making a mess, our spike can help you. Our online store has spike that help keep these animals away from your home or school without hurting them. Monkeys are fun to watch but can be troublesome when playing in our yards and rooftops, they might break things you don’t want or make a mess.

Birds are lovely and sing beautifully, but they can also cause trouble by dropping leaves or things that are not clean and healthy, our spike gently stop them from landing or walking on your walls, roofs, or fences. Our nets can handle any kind of weather, from scorching sun to heavy rain, so they work well all year round because of their good quality materials that last a long time. Putting up these spike is easy, too, and you can stick them in many places, like the edges of roofs, over windows, or around gardens. This makes them easy to use and a great choice if you want something that works well.

Netskart’s spike are safe for the animals, too, they do not harm the monkeys or the birds instead, they make staying together comfortable. This way, we can keep places clean and safe without hurting animals. You can find different spike in our store, learn their sizes, and see where they fit best. This helps you choose the suitable spike for your places. You will be glad to see how well they keep monkeys and birds away, letting you enjoy a cleaner and quieter area. Buy from our Netskart today to make your home, school, or playground calm and safer.

Types Of Spike

Birds and monkeys can be fun to watch but cause problems like messing or damaging things. When you own a property near areas where many birds and monkeys live, these animals often visit. Special tools called spike help keep these animals away without hurting them, these tools gently stop birds and monkeys from landing or climbing on your property. Let us talk about two types of spike: bird and monkey spike.

Bird Spike

Bird Spike are used to keep birds away from your landing on places like rooftops, window sills or ledges of buildings. These Spike are made of plastic or steel, which can handle rain and sun well. Imagine lots of thin rods standing up closely together on a flat strip. The rods are tall enough to make it uncomfortable for birds to land but not sharp enough to hurt the birds. Instead, birds see the spike and decide to go somewhere else that is more comfortable for them. Plastic spike are not as tough as steel ones but are less noticeable from far away, stainless steel spike are good for extreme use and are long-lasting, too.

Monkey Spike

Monkey spike are similar to bird spike but are bigger and stronger because monkeys are larger and heavier than birds. The spike are spaced out, making it hard for monkeys to find a good place to grab and climb without getting uncomfortable. These spikes are put on walls or fences to stop monkeys from climbing into your yard or garden. The top of these spikes are not sharp and round to ensure they do not hurt any animals.

The materials used in monkey spike are Polycarbonate, which is UV resistant and usually very tough to ensure they can stand monkeys jumping or pulling on them. The idea is to make the monkeys feel it is not a good place to climb, so they leave it. Both birds and monkey nets are safe for the animals and the environment, as we do not use any kind of chemicals or poisons in our bird or monkey spike.

These spike help to keep your property safe and clean by stopping these animals from causing trouble, but we do it kindly so that it does not hurt the monkeys. Once our spikes are installed, they do not need much care or fixing, which means they are a good choice for the long term.

If you have more problems with birds, then bird spike are a good choice, if you have more monkeys as visitors too often, then monkey spike will help more. Both options allow you to live better without issues with local wildlife, keeping your home and animals safe. Choosing the suitable spike depends on what animals you often see near your home.

Materials Used For Making Spike

Two main types of materials are used to make these spikes: Polycarbonate and stainless steel. These materials are a good choice when we need to keep birds and monkeys away from places like homes and gardens without hurting them. Each material has different benefits, which makes it great for other uses and reasons.

Polycarbonate Spike

Polycarbonate is a strong plastic that can handle many wear and tear. Here are some of the reasons why it is good for making spike:

Light and Strong: It can withstand big changes in weather like hot sun or heavy rain without breaking or becoming weak easily, Polycarbonate is very tough. Even though it is very strong, it is also light, which makes it easy to handle and install.

Flexible: This material is bendable a little bit, making it flexible and safe so that it does not hurt the animals or people who might touch it. This is good because it prevents the spike from breaking easily if someone pushes against them.

Clear And Hard to See: It keeps the places looking nice while keeping birds and monkeys away. One cool thing about Polycarbonate is that it is clear, this means that when you put it on buildings or fences, it is hard to see.

Easy To Use: You can use glue or screws to attach them when you need them, as they are light and easy to work with. Polycarbonate spikes are simple to put up.

Does not Need Much Care: They do not rust easily or do not need much cleaning. Once you put up these spikes, you do not have to worry much about them.

Stainless Steel Spike

Stainless Steel Spike are a mix of different metals that make them stronger. It is another material used for spike.

Very Strong: Stainless Steel spikes are extra tough, they can handle lots of weight and pressure, which is important for keeping bigger birds like pigeons sitting over them.

Do not Rust: As stainless steels do not rust, they are great for places near oceans or in very wet climates, which means the spikes will last long without damage.

Long Lasting: These are a good choice if you want something you won’t have to replace often because stainless steels are durable, and these spike can be used for many years.

Fits Many Places: They are reliable and can protect against many types of birds. You can use stainless steel spikes in many settings, like at home, in schools, or around a farm or playground.

Safe For People And Animals: The Tips of these spikes are made blunt to prevent birds and animals from sitting or climbing without cutting or hurting them.

Choosing the right material for spike depends on what you need them for, and Polycarbonate spike are great if you want something light and almost invisible that still does its work. Both types of spikes help keep animals away safely and ensure they do not cause trouble where they shouldn’t, as Stainless Steel spikes are perfect if you need something super strong and last longer than usual.

Why Choose Netskart To Buy Animal Spikes Online?

Here’s why Netskart stands out as the best place to buy these useful spikes: when buying your spike online to keep monkeys and birds from causing trouble in your space, some points need to be considered.

Many Options To Choose: Netskart offers a wide range of spikes. We also have different materials so that you can pick the best one for your home’s needs. Whether you need to keep the birds from landing on your windows or stop the monkeys from climbing your fences, we have the right kind for you.

Made With Strong And Safe Materials: Netskart makes the spike with rigid plastic and metal. These durable materials can last longer than usual and handle hard weather conditions like rain or sun. More importantly, we ensure that the spike keep animals away without hurting them, which means that the material and the spike are safe.

Kind To Animals : The Spike are designed to keep away birds and monkeys without harming them, this way the animals decide to go somewhere else and we can keep them away without being mean to them. Netskart cares about keeping animals safe.

Easy To Install : Netskart provides instructions to make your house safe without needing extra help, hence installing these spike is easy and you can do it yourself!. This is great because it means you don’t have to wait for someone else to do it.

Friendly Customer Service : Netskart has friendly customer service , people of netskart are ready to assist you, if you have any questions or need help. We ensure that you are happy with your purchase and you can find exactly what you need.

Learn More About Protection : Netskart have stories, articles and videos that teach you more about the products and how they work, beside selling spike netskart also helps you understand why it is essential to keep these animals away safely.This is a great way to learn by the articles and videos that why spike are good idea for your home.

Always Improving : Our commitment to improvement means that you are getting the best products possible, as Netskart is always working on improving its spike it uses new ideas and innovations to ensure that its spike are the most effective and safe options available.

Environmentally Friendly : Netskart uses safe materials for the planets and ensures their production processes are eco-friendly, Netskart also cares about the environment.This is important because it helps to keep your area safe along with our Earth protection.

Positive Reviews From Customers : Happy customers means you can feel more confident choosing an excellent place to buy from, as many people who have bought spikers from netskart are pleased with their purchases. They often say that the spike work well and last longer than any other spike that they have used till date.

Affordable Price : Netskart offers good quality spiker at reasonable prices and it also sometimes gives offers and discounts on their products so that it makes it more affordable for every customer who needs the spike and these helpful tools help their homes and schools.

Choosing Netskart means to get high quality spike with affordable prices that are safe for animals and easy to use. All these benefits make Netskart an excellent choice to buy spike to protect their places from animals. You also get excellent customer support and the chance to learn more about how to keep your home safe.


In conclusion, choosing Netskart to buy animal spike is a smart decision for many good reasons, Netskart’s spike are made from strong materials like tough plastic and metal that last for long time and can handle all kinds weather condition, most importantly, these materials are safe, so that we keep the animals away without hurting them.Netskart offers a big variety of spikes , so you can find exactly what you need to keep birds from sitting on your windows or stop monkeys from climbing your fence.

Netskart is great at helping our customers as we teach you about spikes with stories and videos that show why these spikes are good to use and how to use them properly.We give you easy instruction to put up the spike by yourself , so you don’t have to wait for someone else to help you.Netskart is always working on making their spike better by using new ideas to make sure they are the safest and most effective spike to buy, people who have bought spike from Netskart really likes them and say they work well, this makes other customers feel good about buying spike from us. Netskart uses materials that are safe for our planet and make sure their ways of making spike do not harm the environment, this is important because it helps keep the Earth safe while keeping your home safe from animals. Netskart cares about our environment and our Earth.

As Netskart offers spike at a very reasonable and affordable price, more people can buy these spike to keep their homes and areas safe,hence the prices are easy for everyone and we sometimes provide offers on sales. By choosing Netskart , you get higher quality spike that are easy to use and are safe for animals too. We also provide guidance when you purchase or when you have any questions regarding our products. All these good things make Netskart a great place to buy animal spike from our online store, helping you to have a more peaceful and safer place to live.

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